Think Global, Act Local


Sam Peralta

World Traveler

Sam has lived in Australia for six years where he worked in the Public Schools of New South Wales. He also has worked with international university students from around the world including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran, China, and Africa to become a global leader.

Local Roots and Indigenous Worldview

Sam has graduated from the University of Hawaii systems. His studies has been in Hawaiian Language and Culture, Political Science, and Anthropology. He has used his degree to work for the Hawaiian Immersion schools here on Maui and volunteers weekly on local sustainable indigenous farms.

Emphasis on Community Service

Sam is a passionate advocate for the youth and community. He thrives to build strong leaders from the inside out working with local non-profits, public school systems, and families. He has coached baseball at Hale Makana, lead skateboarding camps and events, and also gives free surf lessons to the community.

Heart of the Community

Sam went to Christ the King School, Maui Waena, and is a proud graduated from Maui High School. He knows first hand how hard it can be to make a living here on Maui. Working in the hotel and construction industry for the past decade, he has learned collaborative tools Maui needs to think Global and Act local.

Think Global, Act Local

"The Voices of the people are the voices of God" -Queen Liliʻuokalani

Sam knows that Hawaiʻi needs deep structural change. The plantation mindset has kept our local people limited to plantation politics. We need fresh local change that can navigate though this global complex climate. The law is in the land. "Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono".

Aloha mai kākou. E koho pono i kēia lā koho pāloka. E koho iā'u. He leo wale nō au. Me ka haʻahaʻa, me ka haʻaheo. O wau nō Sam (Kamuela) Peralta ma mua ou.